Frogs Vs. Pests: FUN FOR ALL AGES

Frogs vs. Pests is such an actractive game on smartphones. The player playes a role of pond gardians to {safeguard|protect} pests from wiping out puny flowers.

{Every|Each} level {entails|involves} a {large|big} {quantity|amount} of pests, which come out in {each and every|every} direction, and when the flowers are eaten up, the game is over. There can be {various|different} flowers with {various|different} functions. For example, a sunflower can {decrease|reduce} the speed of flying pests in a {particular|certain} range, a mosquito flower can automatically swallow {1|one} pest and digest it. {Via|Through} this support, the player can leisurely {deal with|handle} the levels. {Following|After} the {initial|first} 20 {typical|common} levels, a challenge mode is unlocked, here a {truly|really} {large|big} challenge comes, we {should|must} {maintain|keep} on protecting the flowers {about|around}, and sticking to the end, then the score can be uploaded to the gamecenter for sharing with our {pals|friends}.

The scene and game interface are fine and smooth, {particularly|especially} on iphone4. Dreambrother {should|must} have {produced|made} {fantastic|great} efforts to the details of the game. Even the eyeballs of frog can automatically track the position of preys.

And in the aspect of game control, {it is|it’s} not too {complicated|complex}. Just use your finger to touch the frog, drag it a {particular|certain} distance {therefore|thus} the frog is ready to shoot out its tongue, then release the finger away from the screen, the tongue is {rapidly|quickly} protruded out in the direction where the frog faces.

There are {much more|more} {tough|difficult} control {techniques|methods}, {utilized|used} for {consuming|eating} moths and acridids, and there are also intimate {assists|helps} when they appear for the {initial|first} time {throughout|during} the game.

The background music and sound effects are {nicely|well} {produced|made}, too, but a bit {much less|less}. {Nevertheless|However}, the player {will not|won’t} get boring or tired {throughout|during} playing.

{It is|It’s} {truly|really} a leirure game worth {whilst|while} playing. Have a {attempt|try}!

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