Frong – Doodle Jump Killer game for iPhone [5 promo codes]

Frong is recognized by many players as Doodle Jump Killer.

The game features a highly professional design in an animated style and a proper sound. The main character of the game is a blue frog named Frong.

The game reveals a short story of a common frog from a common bog, which ever dreamed of the sky. And one day the frog got a chance to make its dream come true…

A player, manipulating a frog, should catch the wooden steps with the tongue. There will be many obstacles on the way to the top of the tree. A hornet, a dreadful hollow, sticky and frozen steps and horrible wooden paws. But with some luck and help of friends (for example, a caterpillar) Frong can reach the top of the tree.

The game implements the OpenFeint system (in which Leaderboards and Achievements are realized), which enables to share your achievements with friends and to organize friendly competitions. Meanwhile the Achievements are designed with a sense of humour, for example, there is a prize for getting into a hollow for more than 10 times, which is accompanied with the words: “If you get into a hollow so often, maybe it’s time to settle there?”

Users can switch on/off the Accererometer at their choice.

About company

The Gorodohan company was founded in October 2009 by Aleksej Kuznetsov. 3 months later we launched our first game iSteamTube. In January we launched the second game called Frong (which was estimated as excellent by Apple and was announced in category New and Noteworthy).

The company consists of 2 programmers and 2 designers.


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Cost: $0.99

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