Frozen Ape releases Tempo 2, successor to the best-selling metronome app for the iPhone OS

Tempo 2

Frozen Ape is proud to announce the next generation of the best-selling metronome app for the iPhone OS, Tempo 2. While retaining the same hyper-accurate audio engine from Tempo, the interface has been completely redesigned for more flexibility, making possible the integration of more than 18 new features that our customers have asked for.

Tempo 2 was designed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone’s display size and multi-touch capabilities. The metronome display takes center stage while additional options are accessible via modal panels. The interface is also customizable with 7 color schemes to choose from.

Tempo 2 provides plenty of options for configuring time signatures and rhythm patterns. Set up to 20 beats per measure and up to 8 subdivisions per beat. Each beat and subdivision can be set to one of 4 states: 2 levels of accent, a regular tick and silence. Configurations can be saved as 5 quick-access presets.

A Bar Ticker keeps track of the number of measures played, with the option of stopping playback when a total is reached. Ritardando and accelerando options automatically adjust the tempo every set number of measures.

For the gigging musician and diligent student, Setlists store complete settings in up to 100 songs each. New in Tempo 2 are full editing of saved songs, multi-row deletion and song duplication, and automatic setlist progression. Combine setlists with the Bar Ticker to program count-ins or complex songs with varying tempo, time signatures and rhythms.

System Requirements:
iPhone or iPod touch 3.1.3 or later

Pricing & Availability
Tempo 2 is on an upgrade sale for $0.99 for the first two weeks of its release; it will be priced at $2.99 thereafter. Tempo 2 is available for purchase on the iTunes App Store at:

Additional Information
For additional information about Tempo 2, including screenshots and a demo video, please visit


About Frozen Ape
Based in Singapore, Frozen Ape is an independent iPhone developer operating since 2009. Specializing in music appplications, Frozen Ape is committed to creating user-friendly and functional solutions for the iPhone OS. Frozen Ape has found moderate success since its inception, with each of its current three paid apps having been featured by Apple on the App Store.

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