FTP On The Go

FTP On The Go is an application which allows you to access FTP servers wherever you are. To log into a server, simply type the address, user name and password. FTP On The Go will connect to both secure and non-secure FTP servers over a WiFi or a cellular network. Once logged in, you can edit files, upload photos, and create directories. The idea is that FTP On The Go will serve as a quick way to fix something on your web server wherever you are.

The good: The current version of FTP On The Go comes with a compliment of basic features aimed at helping you manage your files quickly and easily. Login information can be saved for quick access and you can even store multiple FTP accounts. Additionally, you can password-protect the application and all of your login information in case someone gets ahold it.

In addition to being able to simply browse file structures, you can also view any plain-text file and edit it. This includes HTML and CSS files. You can also create new files in plain text to be used for just about anything you’d like, including creating full HTML pages.

Photos can be uploaded and downloaded right from the application. Images downloaded are placed in your iPhone’s camera roll and you can upload images from your photo library or directly from the camera.

Other features include secure connections and the ability to sort files by size, name, and date.

The bad: This application is fairly stripped down for its price. There is no refresh button, which is nearly unacceptable. Files cannot be downloaded for use later and the delete confirmation dialogue is a little too vague for my taste. It simply doesn’t feel like this app is worth $10.

The Bottom line: FTP On The Go has some great features, and its the only FTP client that we’ve seen on the iPhone. You can edit files, upload photos, and keep track of your stuff right from your iPhone. It does lack some important features such as a refresh button and you can’t download files for use later. The feature set is a little small for its price, but for anyone who manages their own website, FTP On The Go is a fantastic tool to always have around.

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