Fun English: A fun way to learn English.

Fun English for mobile devices allows children to learn English wherever they are. Based on the Pumkin Online English course (,
a unique combination of English learning videos, cartoons, games and worksheets, Fun English makes for a very effective English
language learning tool. The creators of Fun English are all experienced English teachers and their call to action was to make English learning
more fun for young children.

“We felt so sorry for the kids as they struggled through these really boring English text books. We decided to make an English language curriculum
that was more fun and engaging so that children could actually enjoy learning English” – Founder of Pumkin Online English

That was in 1999 and a team of university friends began writing the Pumkin Online English language learning course.
By 2005 they had written a four year ESL course and had more than a thousand students in Pumkin schools. At that point they decided
to transcribe their English learning curriculum to the web, and then in 2011 they brought the course to mobile platforms with Fun English.

“Touch screens are so much more accessible for young kids than mice and keyboards. Even 3 year olds can touch shapes on the screen without thinking twice,
meaning they can focus on the English instead of trying to drag a mouse pointer around the screen. We’re really excited about the potential of these new devices”
- Mateo Solares, Founder and Lead Developer, Fun English.

Fun English teaches key areas of English learning acquisition including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. For more details on the specific English language taught in the app you can visit

Mark Pemberton the Founder and CEO of Pumkin says, “The vision that the founders share is to make English learning more fun for kids.
We hope to be able to deliver quality education to children at great value. We also hope to be able to keep making children laugh and
enjoy learning English for the rest of their lives.”

Fun English is currently available on iPhone and iPad, and later this year will become available on Android devices. Over the coming year new lessons will be
added. See a video and

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