Fun For Kids HD: Picture Book and games – all in one app

Fun for Kids is a new children’s game with focus on playing and learning.

The app contains a rich picture book, and three different games suitable for children of different ages. It’s possible to choose your language among English, German, Spanish and Swedish.

The Picture book contains more than 70 pictures divided
into four categories: animals, baby animals, things
and vehicles.

Jigsaw puzzles
Choose between several different puzzles specially designed for small children. Appealing motives and
shapes stimulate motor and imagination.

One out of four
An easy to use game with pictures from the picture book. Four pictures are shown at a time, and a voice
instructs the child which picture to point at.

A classic memory game with pictures from the four different categories, displaying six different pairs at
a time. Flip the card up and the child gets to hear, for example, what the vehicle sounds like.


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