Gamble Guide: learn casino gaming on the iPhone

App Aces is proud to announce the latest release of Gamble Guide (v1.2.1), an application for the iPhone/Ipod Touch, available now on the Apple App Store.

Gamble Guide is an App Book; – part-reference and part-eBook in one consolidated app. All original and unique content written by veteran casino experts, Gamble Guide contains step-by-step walkthroughs of the rules and basic strategies for ten of the most popular casino games.

Gamble Guide provides users with an extensive glossary of the most common casino and game-specific terms.  Users can look up terms either by accessing the glossary directly or by clicking on definition links incorporated within the text.

Gamble Guide also includes several game-specific strategy charts (such as the Blackjack decision matrix) conveniently formatted for the 480×320 iPhone/iPod Touch screen. Retina Display support for iPhone 4 coming in our upcoming v 1.3 release.

Gamble Guide is perfect for learning how to play casino games IN-FLIGHT, en route to gambling destinations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco or Macao.  At 2.2 MB, Gamble Guide can be downloaded OTA on AT&T within seconds of take-off.  Because Gamble Guide features offline content, once loaded it can still be accessed in airplane mode.

Gamble Guide is currently available as a FREE download. ENJOY!

****Gamble Guide encourages intelligent, legal, and responsible gambling.****

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