Games Above Board débuts first iPhone / iPod Touch App.

Ethan Nicholas, the publisher of iShoot, the #1 iPhone game in January 2009, has produced an iPhone / iPod Touch App. of the popular, challenging yet fun, table-top, 2-player board game … Rhumb Line.

Rhumb Line for iPhone & iPod Touch features two player competitive play, or three levels of computer difficulty for solo action, as well as a bright Caribbean soundscape and clean animation.

The nautical game is based on ancient mariner history, seafaring lore and pastimes.
The object is to out-navigate the opposition to achieve victory.
Players take turns, as Officer or Sailor, positioning their 16 nuggets, one at a time, on a circular compass rose board in an attempt to complete arcs, radii, and spirals of 4 or more nuggets to score points. The most points wins.

Games Above Board, the home of contemporary classic, simple but twisted, award-winning, traditional, table-top board, card and dice games, is pleased to announce it’s first iPhone / iPod Touch game App.

• Hijara – Games Magazine 1996 Top 100 ~ USA
• Hijara – Spiel Gut 2006 Recommendation ~ Germany
• Flippit – Creative Child Magazine 2007 Game Of The Year ~ USA
• Flippit – The National Parenting 2008 Seal Of Approval ~ USA
• Lucky Seven – Major Fun 2008 (Family Game) Award ~ USA
• Rhumb Line – Major Fun 2008 (Thinking Game) Award ~ USA

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