Gemz HD

Gemz is an exciting diamond puzzle game for your mobile device. Simply place three, four or five gems in a row and get prize points.

Various bonus levels, unexpected helpers – stones, bombs, colored stones, and magic stones make Gemz an addictive game and it is a great way to kill time!

The game is well presented and the graphics match the genre for this game. After a few minutes of playing Gemz you will quickly realise that this game is impossible to put down.

In Gemz you need to line up rows of 3 of a kind or more of the same colour gemz. The coloured gemz fill the screen constantly and you can only switch 2 gemz which are next to each other at a time.

You have 1 minute per level to switch and match gemz to reach the required score. As you match 3 or more in a row them gemz wills disappear and more gemz will fill the screen.

The game downloads and loads very quickly and you will find yourself buried in coloured diamonds within seconds.


Gemz for iPhone - DaSuppa

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