Geo Slide: Challenging Game for iPad and Phone

{Incredible|Amazing|Wonderful|Remarkable} Game for IPad, IPhone and IPod touch!!!

Geo Slide is a competitive stimulation that challenges all players. Users play {every|each|each and every|every single} other {making use of|making use of|employing} their motor {abilities|skills|expertise}, brain recognition, hand eye coordination, dexterity, imagination and {dilemma|dilemma|difficulty} solving {abilities|skills|expertise}. Challenge {oneself|oneself} and your {competitors|competition} to see who can get the highest score.

{Attempt|Try} to beat the clock by identifying and sorting shapes as {quick|fast|quickly|rapidly} as you can. Watch as your {dilemma|dilemma|difficulty} solving {abilities|skills|expertise} {enhance|improve|boost|increase} as you continuously set new high scores. Geo Slide is {created|designed|developed|intended} to encourage, evaluate and {created|developed} all motor {abilities|skills|expertise} by {making use of|making use of|employing} and recognizing the movement of objects. WARING- Geo Slide is a {extremely|highly|very} addictive game that is {confirmed|proven|verified} to stimulate the imagination and {preserve|preserve|retain} you occupied for hours!!

-Functions on IPad, IPhone and IPod touch.
-{Enables|Enables|Makes it possible for} you to {decide on|decide on|pick} any image from you photo library to use as the background.
-{Enables|Enables|Makes it possible for} you to {decide on|decide on|pick} any music to play from your iTunes library.
-{Enables|Enables|Makes it possible for} {many|many|several} users to compete on the {identical|identical|very same} device.
-Keeps all scores of {nearby|local|neighborhood|regional} play and {competitors|competition} in depth.
({Much more|More|A lot more|Far more} levels, {globally|worldwide} score keeping, object and hole customization and user dueling will come with {initial|first|1st|very first} update)

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