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Megatech Software releases their first anime (Japanese art) title, “Undercover – Girls of Cobra Mission” in the iTunes App Store for Apple mobile devices.  Undercover – Girls of Cobra Mission is a line drawing puzzle game.  The objective of the game is to uncover as much of the screen as you can by boxing sections of the screens to reveal the cute and sexy Anime graphics underneath.  Players will need to uncover a minimum of 80% of the screen to win the level before advancing to the next.  This free demo contains 6 levels featuring the sexy girls from Megatech’s Cobra Mission game released in the 90′s.  After completing the 6 demo levels, players can continue the fun with the “Winter Theme Pack” using the in-app purchase for $0.99.

The in-app purchase of Winter Theme Pack will give the player an additional 14 levels of play.  Each advancing level contains new enemies and a new tantalizing Anime girl graphic!  The Winter Theme Pack contains girls of Cobra Mission at play in the snow and enjoying the winter season.  All graphics have been redrawn and updated by seasoned Anime artists in Asia to maximize the resolution of the iPhone and iTouch.  You will be mesmerized by the quality and the artwork and seduced by each of the sexy Cobra MIssion girls.

Located in Stanton, CA, Megatech Software is a game developer established in 1989.  It released Cobra Mission in 1991 on the IBM PC platform.  Megatech released 4 entertainment PC titles in the 90′s all focusing on Japanese Anime art.  These titles are, Cobra Mission – Panic in Cobra City, Metal & Lace – Battle of the Robo Babes, Knights of Xentar and Power Dolls.  After more than 12 years in hibernation, Megatech is making a comeback into the entertainment industry.  It will focus once again on entertainment titles based on Japanese Anime art for the western world.  Undercover- Girls of Cobra Mission is a teaser app to recapture the market and to let the players know, Megatech is BACK!  Look for more Megatech titles in 2011!!

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