Get Free App Promo Codes

In the last few weeks has released millions upon millions of iPhone and iPod Touch free promo codes. Well, maybe not millions but at least 1 or 2.

The free promo codes have been popular with iPhone developers and iPhone fanatics.  Here is a little primer to help you learn the best way to get some of these highly valuable free promo codes.

Why promo codes in the first place?

  • iPhone Developers benefit because they get their app in the hands of users. With thousands and thousands of Apps on the App store it is hard to get noticed. By giving away a few free promo codes they hope to create a little buzz about their product. So, if you grab a free promo code leave a comment with any feedback you have on the App. Was it worth the download? Would you have paid for the App? Tell us what you think good or bad. You can leave comments at the bottom of every post.
  • iPhone fanatics benefit by getting free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Some Apps have 10 free promo codes, others only have only one or two free promo codes. Free promo codes always have “(free promo codes)” in the title of the press release, or you can let us do all the hard work for you and use the Free Promo Code category to have us sort out all the other stuff. With so many greedy app hungry people out there, you have to be quick to feed your greed.

How can you improve your chances of getting free stuff?

  1. Become a fan of our iPhone Facebook page: You know you love Facebook.  Now you can learn all about the latest apps for the iPhone and pass the App love on to all your Facebook / iPhone friends.
  2. Follow our iPhone Twitter Feed:  Yes, that’s right, we Tweet our Twitter and we aren’t afraid to say it.
  3. Subscribe to our RSS feed. Checking this feed regularly will allow you to keep a pulse on posts to the site as they happen. If I post a free promo code, you will know it in seconds.
  4. Subscribe to our email feed. Emails are sent out 1 time a day with all the latest posts from the site. So if you are not in to RSS feeds, or don’t even care to know what that is, you can always get the latest news right in your inbox.
  5. Or my favorite option is VISIT EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY, and while your here visit all of our sponsors. Click, read, visit, repeat. :)

How do I use these free promo codes? Even if you don’t know how to use these free promo codes we have you covered there too. Just follow the link to find out how to use the free codes from your iPhone/iPod Touch or right from iTunes.

I hope this primer helps you get the Apps of your dreams, for free. Who doesn’t deserve a little App nirvana?


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