Get Together 2.0 – TrackRoom brings friends and family together

Hamburg, Germany – The new TrackRoom app lets you temporarily track the position of selected smartphone users in your contacts, so you can always find your friends and family members in crowded locations or large groups. You can also use TrackRoom as a tool for inviting all your shared contacts to any desired location.

“With TrackRoom, we created an app that as a family man, I can really appreciate at times like when I’m with my kids in an amusement park and the whole family is running in all different directions. With TrackRoom, I don’t lose anybody, and I can set up a meeting place for us all at any time,” says Daniel Hanelt, Managing Director of SYSVISION GmbH, developers of TrackRoom. “It’s also the ultimate party tool, because it’s easy to share selected locations with friends and contacts fast,” adds Nico Zimmermann, lead developer of TrackRoom.

TrackRoom is perfect to use when you want to find someone fast, like when you’re out on the town with a bunch of friends or when you have arranged to meet up at a concert or similar large-scale event. With TrackRoom, if you ever lose a friend or a family member in a crowd, finding them again is easy. Or when you’re out in open spaces, on a hike, sailing or just want to show friends where you are, TrackRoom can help.

When you close a TrackRoom, all position data is automatically deleted. TrackRoom only saves the last transmitted position. The app does not collect data, so it never creates a movement profile. TrackRoom automatically shows all your contacts who already have their mobile numbers registered with TrackRoom, so there’s no time-consuming selection of contacts. All contacts you invite to a TrackRoom are notified with a push notification. After accepting an invitation, you will see the current position shown on the map in TrackRoom, and all positions are automatically updated. TrackRoom also features a group chat, to give you the ability to exchange messages with your selected contacts. Chat messages are also sent to the users’ smartphones in a push notification.
TrackRoom is easy to download and install from both the AppStore and the Android Market.

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