GetBabyWise: Share My Pregnancy iPhone App

Check Out the Exciting New Release of Share My Pregnancy iPhone App

Two first-time dads came up with a fun way to help their wives through their pregnancy by creating the iPhone app Share My Pregnancy. This app was developed by GetBabyWise, which is made up of geeky dads who love to invent new ways to make their family life easier.

It’s focused on providing pregnant women the ability to track their baby’s development week-by-week and share their experiences with their family, friends and a community of parents around the world.

Rather than being a closed app, they created the ability for any website publisher to push their content to the app so pregnant women can have access to timely information at their fingertips no matter where they are: at home, at work, at play, or in transit.

Please check it out. It’s a great app that provides valuable information and a fun way to share a woman’s pregnancy! Here is a Promo Code that is good for 3 weeks: M3JNEKPLAXN3.

DeAnna Carels
Sales and Marketing, GetBabyWise


Name: Share My Pregnancy
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Cost: Two versions –
• Free – with advertising; $.99 InApp purchase for advanced sharing features
• Pro – $1.99; All features and no advertising


Link to YouTube video:

Screens shots and logos:

• Delivery Day Countdown – countdown remaining weeks to your baby’s arrival, with daily inspiration
• Baby’s Growth – weekly information on your baby’s development
• Maternal Changes for Mom and Dad – weekly details on what’s happening to your body and how Dad can help out
• Share with Friends and Family – email, text or Facebook your thoughts and your pictures
• Labor – with one click let your family and friends know you are in labor
• Announce Baby’s Arrival – snap a picture and announce the arrival of your baby
• Articles from Amazing Pregnancy Websites – access to pregnancy articles (RSS feeds) to keep you informed
• Count your Contractions – count your contractions quickly and easily

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