Ghost Pop

Ghost Pop is a Halloween-themed finger-tapper similar to games like Alien Invasion, Dactyl, and Plasma.

Ghosts that look suspiciously similar to the ones first seen 18 years ago in Super Mario World fly around in front of Halloween backdrops and your job is to tap them all away before the timer runs out. It’s actually harder than it sounds because the ghosts don’t fly off-screen… they bounce around like they’re in a rubber room and that makes the ghost movements hard to predict.

The game includes some good sound effects and difficulty can be adjusted by changing the ghost size which is a nice feature. As you advance in this game the ghosts move progressively faster and increase in numbers, so if your kids are going to play you might want to make the little spirits nice and big in the Settings screen.

As usual, Jirbo, Inc. is earning ad revenue from this free game (fine) and they also put plenty of effort into recruiting you into the Jirbo Army (not so fine). I’ve already ragged on them for this in my review of MonsterMatch, their other free Halloween app, so I’ll just reiterate that it’s annoying and leave it at that.

Despite my general disdain for some of Jirbo’s development decisions I can’t deny that they do a good job where it counts. Ghost Pop’s graphics and sound are nice, the gameplay is good, and the option to adjust the size of the ghosts is a great idea that makes the game playable for all ages. It’s also free so it’s definitely worth trying in this week leading up to Halloween.

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