Ghost Scanner: SCARE the Crap out of Your Friends!

Just in time to get you in the Halloween spirit, the Ghost Scanner makes its eerie appearance in the App Store!

SCARE the Crap out of friends or family with this app! Ghost scanner is 100% horror entertainment – you supply the goosebumps! Is it Real? Once you experience the bone chilling ghost voices captured by the Ghost Scanner, you’ll be sleeping with the lights on!

Paranormal Professionals provided input and design for the Ghost Scanner. Is it real? That’s for you to decide! These ghost hunters tell us that electronic devices are sensitive paranormal activities and that these energies can interact, or even interfere with these devices! Is it real? Who knows? That’s for you to decide!

We do know one thing. If you want to SCARE the CRAP out of you friends… Turn out the lights, start the Ghost Scanner and let the Fright begin!

The Ghost Scanner features:

* Paranormal Audio to Text Translation
* Scary & Creepy paranormal audio
* Dynamic Radar Screen
* Digital Numerical Readouts

Demo Video:

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Yeah! You found them! Try the Ghost Scanner out on us!

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