Ghost Writer Notes Review

Ghost Writer Notes for iPad is a hand writing/notation app for the iPad. It allows you to use your finger or stylus to hand write notes on your iPad. It also has a keyboard entry of text, floating text, and the import of images to your note taking. The app also excels in the ability to allow you to add diagrams (hand drawn or iPhoto) to your note taking.

What separates Ghost Writer notes from many of the similar apps on the app store is its ability for the users to choose from a variety of pens and papers to write on. The pens include felt markers, highlighters, pencils, and various other writing instruments. The user can also choose from standard notebook paper, graph paper, musical score paper, and others.

Many note taking apps are difficult to write with much detail. Ghost writer notes handles this problem with a unique approach as well. When the user selects one of the pens the app does an auto zoom to that region of the paper to give the writer a much simpler way to write detailed notes (see the image below). While it is a bit cumbersome to use this approach at first once you get the hang of it, it is much easier to accomplish. The end result provides a much better looking note than could be achieved with out the handy zoom feature.

Ghost writer has a host of features to include:

•Smooth and legible ink
•Import and annotate PDF documents
•Paste images
•New bookshelf
•Smooth Dropbox and Evernote integration
•Multiple paper types included. Import custom backgrounds from your photo album
•Write with either your finger, or stylus for crisp, easy to read notes
•Adjustable zoom ratio allows you to custom design font size
•Share your notes and export one page, several pages, or an entire notepad via email
•Export a page from your notepad directly to your iPad’s photo album, Dropbox and Evernote
•Create an unlimited number of notepads and pages
•Print over the air
•Name each of your notebooks or pages
•Help save the world by recycling old paper notebooks and use Ghostwriters notes instead

While I was very impressed with the app it does seem to need a stability update, at least for users of the original iPad, as the app crashed on a few occasions as I tried it out. Overall for iPad users who would like to occasionally write notes rather than use the iPad keyboard, I can recommend Ghost Writer Notes as a nice full featured app. It is available on the App Store for $4.99.

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