Ginger Jump: Gingerbread Jump Game for iPhone

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Are you after some good clean fun? An App. for kids with hours of Entertainment?

It’s simple and easy to play.
Tap the screen to Jump – Tap and Hold for a higher Jump.
When you see the Bakers Wife Tap the screen to turn around.
For those extra long marathons use your own iPod music to get in the zone.

Once you get the “hang of it” try the achievements. Most achievements are easy and you will find yourself getting them without even trying. However, some are really difficult and could have you playing for hours! If you like it send Ginger to a friend and compete on Game Centre.

Ginger Jump
First Released – Oct 2010
Developer – Nuclear Goo
Sydney, Australia
Contact Phone +61 2 9810 9298
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App Link -
PRICE – $1.29 AUD
Game Link –
Languages – English / Chinese

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