Giracitta – The Audioguide App for the Cities of Europe

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comGiracittà is the multimedia audio guide that brings alive the artistic and historical treasures of the European city you visit.

Giracittà is not simply another travel guide book transformed to App.  Instead Giracittà offers a friendly voice that accompanies you as you discover the splendour the city has to offer.

Our philosophy at Giracittà is to find local writers with a lifetime of sharing the city they love.  We ask them to select the places, monuments and artworks that represent the very essence of their city.

Often our writers treat you to the kinds of local stories and secrets not found in conventional city guides.  Not merely added extras, they provide invaluable insights into the character of the city that has caught your imagination.

We then record all this and add music, creating a light and engaging listening.  So instead of having your nose buried in a book or iPhone screen, your eyes are free to explore as we illuminate what you’re looking at.

We include photos that are not only something for when you leave, they act as a visual point of reference for the audio, so you can fast forward or rewind more easily.

The Giracittà itinerary is designed to let you see as much of the city as possible as you make your way from one architectural or artistic feast to another.

Getting around the city is effortless thanks to the choice of off-line map or GPS.  These also come in handy when you decide to follow your nose for a while, easily taking up the trail again whenever you want.  This leaves you free to explore the city on your own, hunting down recommendations from friends or your favourite social media.

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So, see you on your next city adventure!

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