Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Don’t forget: the Dr. Elmo Holiday iPhone or iPad app makes a wonderful holiday gift from your iTunes account to anyone with an email account! - just don’t tell them what you paid for it!

There are 2 arcade games and 3 holiday activities;
1. A skeet shooting game, gunning down Grandma’s fruitcake – or you can bag a crazy goose!
2. A Dunking game with a pitching machine firing glass eyeballs at targets while trying to Dunk Santa in the ice hole!
There are also 3 holiday activities: Postcards, Dr. Elmo Radio & the General Store.
1. Postcards let you personalize a nice holiday greeting to send to anyone with an email address. You can also post the card on Facebook, or save to the iPhone’s gallery for later. It also links you to the card’s music clip selection.
2. A favorite is Dr. Elmo Radio with a tap-dancing, singing, shiny red radio that can be tuned to a whole bunch of my music clips. If you leave it on one station, it will play every song on the radio automatically – now you can sample some great music for your holiday season!
3. The General Store let’s you shop for the Best of the Best Dr. Elmo CD’s and you can purchase easily through PayPal.

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