Grocery IQ – iPhone Application Review

I have had the privilege of using Grocery IQ for a few trips to the store now and I have to say it has a permanent spot on the front page of my iPhone’s application list. 


Some Apps that are downloaded from the App store leave you with the feeling that they were rushed to market or developed by some guy in his parent’s basement. Grocery IQ is not such and app. 


Grocery IQ is a very well thought out application that can:

·         save you time by making short work of list making

  • ·         save you money by not forgetting items on your trip to the store,

·         and can save you time once in the store by listing all your items by aisle.



Let’s take a look at the first point of making short work of list making.  Grocery IQ has a huge list of grocery items in it’s database.  I have not found one item that I have tried to search for that was not in the database.  This makes it much easier to add items to your list or to save them as favorites.  One other nice thing about having the items in a database is that the descriptions are usually much more detailed than I would have entered on my own.  For example, search for Coca Cola and the database suggests Coca-Cola Vanilla, Cherry, Classic, with Lime, Black Cherry Vanilla, etc.  You get the picture, it allows you to make more complete lists of the exact items you really need.


Grocery IQ can save you time by having the application with you at all times so that as you remember the items you need they can quickly and easily be added to the list.  Once you have shopped for an item it is saved in the history or you can save it as a favorite.  Once an item is saved it can be added to the list with just a few clicks and scrolls.


Another nice feature is that your list is ordered by aisle of the store you shop.  This takes some initial set up but once it is set up it will save you time in the store and keep you from walking through all the isles looking for the Macaroni and Cheese.  The aisles of your favorite store can be edited including name and aisle order so that once they are set finding an item is a breeze.


My biggest complaint with the app is that at this time it does not truly allow you to share lists with other members of the family.  You can email lists to others but they have to shop from the email, it does not open the list in the Grocery IQ App.  I would also like to see sharing of the favorite list and aisle customizations so that all members of a family can use the application without having to set everything up manually.


Another item that needs to be addressed is the ability to add multiple stores.  I do not always shop at the same store or buy all items at the same store.  Adding multiple stores takes the app from something that can be used for grocery shopping to a more complete shopping app that can be used for all your shopping needs.


These few drawbacks do not keep the application from being a very useable application and I believe some if not all of these issues are going to be addressed in the next software release.  At the time of writing this review Grocery IQ is listed in the top 25 for paid apps in the App Store and is currently on sale for $1.99.  If you do not have a Shopping Application on your iPhone I highly recommend taking a look at Grocery IQ.

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