Group Call and Text by Callvine

By Callvine, Inc.

EASY GROUP TEXTS to your group of 5, 10, 35 — even 100 people — and FREE GROUP CALLS — Connect by voice with 4, 5, 7 – up to 20 people on 1 call! All in 1 app, and All group calls are FREE until September 7! FREE DOWNLOAD in the iTunes Store!

New York Times

– “Group calling is fairly new to mobile devices. Millions of group meetings and discussions are held everyday through conference calls and Skype – why should you not also be able to conduct these on the go?”


– “The app’s group text feature lets you save and manage large groups of text recipients, and has a one-touch texting option for pre-defined groups.”

Wall Street Journal

– “So simple and intuitive… A really cool feature is that you don’t need to create groups using home or office numbers, Callvine simultaneously rings all of their numbers (home, office, mobile) at once, connecting you on whichever phone they pick up first. How cool is that?

Austin Startup

– “Simple, yet really cool.”

Here’s a quick Group Call & Text overview:

GROUP TEXT FOR THE IPHONE MADE EASY – optimized for iOS 4 & your iPhone’s own text app!
• Easily groups and sends text through iPhone Messages app
• Saves and manages large groups
• Quickly scrolls to pick multiple contacts at once
• One-touch texting to defined groups
• No registration required – just download and go!
• Change your background theme, switch from Hipster Orange to Hipster Melancholy!

• Record your own greeting and your callers hear your voice!
• After you authenticate, your callers see your Caller ID!
• Reach Your Group Instantly – Press 1 button, everyone’s phones ring to connect you quickly
• Call any phone – mobile or landline – you don’t need an iPhone to answer the call
• Quickly find anyone – simultaneously ring all phones – home, office, mobile – to find someone.
• View and mute individual callers
• High-quality, business-class group calling for better sound & mobility!

Callvine offers great group call control features: using the Callvine iPhone app, you can see who’s on the call, mute noisy lines, see who’s talking.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Callvine is optimized for iPhone 3G 3GS and 4 running iOS4. If you are using an earlier edition of the iPhone or an earlier OS some functions may be disabled.

YOUR GREAT EXPERIENCE IS OUR PRIORITY – If you experience any issues, please email us at – we answer quickly and want to solve any problems or answer any question you may have. We are here to help you have a fantastic Callvine experience with Group Call & Text.

Group Calling currently available in the continental US.

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