Guitar Rock Tour – iPhone Game Review:

With the iphone being touted as the “next big thing” in handheld portable gaming devices, it’s time to put that claim to the test and see just how good the games are. In this the first of a fistfull of ponderpop iphone game reviews Blunty shines the cold hard light of rock & roll hangover on “Guitar Rock Tour” from Gameloft. Tracklist in game includes hits like Beat It, In the shadows, Girlfriend, Message in a Bottle, What’s My Age Again, Rock You like a Hurricane, Smoke on the Water, Underclass Hero, You Really Got Me, The River, If Everyone Cared, Who Knew, and more! “Play the guitar and drums tracks of the most popular worldwide hits on your iphone! Without any musical knowledge, learn how to quickly master the basic controls of each instrument by using the iphone’s Touch Screen and kick off your career as a rock star! Keep your cool in front of the crowd and follow the beat so the guitar (or drums) is synchronized with the other intruments in the band!” – Distributed by Tubemogul.

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