Gym Genie: Gym Genie is a brand new Health and Fitness App

Gym Genie is the best pocket-personal trainer on the market, and with over 600,000 combinations of specialized workouts, you will never get bored. A sleek and easy to use interface lets you select and modify your workouts in an instant. You can spend hundreds of dollars on personal training sessions… OR, you can buy this application for the price of a pack of gum.

Major Features:
• 200 professional tutorial videos
• Our professional personal trainers will help you maximize your workout and teach you how to safely use the equipment.
• Over 600,000 combinations of workouts generated
• A sleek and easy to use muscle generator will help you find the perfect workout
• You don’t have to think of a workout routine, we do it for you
• Select up to 8 muscle groups, and prepare to be amazed by the robust selection of tutorials we have provided for you.
• Unhappy with the generated routine? Press a button, get a new one.
Muscle Groups
• Abs, Back, Biceps, Chest, Legs, Shoulders, Triceps, Forearms

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