Hands-on with Imeem Mobile for iPhone

Imeem logo

The music discovery Web site officially launched its very own iPhone app on Thursday, May 14. Imeem’s app is free and bears a resemblance to similar offerings from Pandora,, and Slacker, offering the ability to stream, search, and purchase music over Wi-Fi or cellular connections.

But before you write off the Imeem app (download) as some late-arriving wannabe, there’s one killer feature to be aware of: cloud storage. Apps like will go so far as to create personalized radio stations based on a random selection of songs from your collection, but the Imeem app allows you to call up any song or album in your collection and play it without the restrictions associated with most services (i.e. limited skips, and the inability to play songs from the same artist back-to-back).

In order to stream music from your personal collection, you first need to upload your music to from your desktop using its free Mac/PC-compatible client. Now before you go thinking that you can upload that 300GB iTunes library to Imeem and stream it anywhere in the world, there’s a catch. Imeem won’t charge you for the first 100 songs you upload to the site, but anything more than that will require a VIP service ($29.99 per year for up to 1,000 songs, or $99.99 per year for up to 20,000).

Beyond the appeal of streaming your music collection form the cloud, the rest of the Imeem application falls somewhere between the simplicity of the Pandora app, and the more personalized, social approach of The main menu screen offers …

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