Hapi Coin: Awesome coin game inspired by coin machine in arcade centers

HAPI COIN comes from one of the most popular coin machines in arcade center and family entertainment center.
Players have to drop coins into the slots to create chains of coin, and then collecting the chains will generate rewards. A longer chain will return a larger bonus rewards. And stacking coins in the same slot will lose all the coins in slots. Simply the game is just spending coins to earn more coins, but the game gives player the feeling of playing a gamble game, as players have to struggle between “Collecting Chain” and “Making a longer Chain”, while the latter option create a much larger rewards, but with a higher risks.

There is also a Slot Machine which will be triggered when players drop coins into the middle slot for 3 times. The Slot Machine will generate extra coin rewards, and some other special bonus.

And the game also include the following features:
- Realistic physical simulation
- Retina Display Support
- GameCenter LeaderBoard Support
- Charming Graphics
- Stunning Effects

Youtube Trailer of HAPI COIN:
Link to the website of HAPI COIN:

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