Harp is an an application that allows you to play a simulated harp. Easy controls allow you to strum at ‘strings’ and choose from a staggering 168 chords on the left-hand side. The line of keys on the right side corresponds with whichever chord structure you choose on the left to give you scales, and swiping this gives the effect of a harp’s strings being plucked.

What is remarkable is the immense amount of options available. Not only can you choose any basic chord from the pool, but you can choose Extended Chords as well. To choose basic chords, you simply start in the middle of a circle and slide out to whichever chord you desire. Extended chords are chosen by sliding out and then back into the circle.

Another surprising feature is that the App Info actually teaches you some basic music theory. I was stunned to find an explanation of Chord Structure, fifths and roots. After a little while fooling around with this application, I found that I was able to learn relatively quickly and adapt to the application’s interface.

Pros: Full chord list and functionality, simple interface

Cons: Knowing music theory is a must in order to better play with this application (learning curve)

Bottom Line: Harp is an intensely-loaded application, for how simply it may seem. Amusing and interesting, I would advise anyone interested in music to get this for personal use or even if you’d like to have an extra effect in a performance.

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