Harry Potter meets Location-Based iPhone Game

No one has really taken advantage of iPhone’s location-based capabilities in a game.   Until now.

QRANK [] is an underground trivia game that hooks GPS together with Twitter and Facebook — and has already addicted more than 200,000 players. (Just check Twitter for  the #Qrank hashtag to gauge its popularity and extreme fanaticism!)

What makes it so cool?

* It’s free to download & play on iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Facebook.

* There is a daily game with never-recycled questions. It takes about 10 minutes to play — giving you 23 hours and 50 minutes to brag about being smarter than your friends.

* You can see how you stack up against players in your town and state –  and earn award badges based on geography, your genius/stupidly, and how you stacked-up against your friends.

* Questions are submitted by users themselves and from current events on such miscellaneous topics as Talk like a Pirate day, Dick Van Dyke, Comic Con, slasher films and Nobel prizes.

* Games can also be played on-demand 24/7 against other people at any popular venue — such as a local bar, pizza joint, the University of Colorado campus, or Austin’s FantasticFest horror film festival (to name a few of our more successful outlets).

The News:

This Friday (11/19), Qrank will be devoted to the premiere of HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS movie. For fans waiting out in line all night for tickets at cinemas across the country, they can use their iPhones & iPads to pass the time playing special HP-themed games. They can even submit their toughest Harry Potter trivia questions to try to stump the muggle world.

If you are a know-it-all or a think-you-know-it-all: check out QRANK to see if you really do!

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