Have you ever used a ticket service

I have been to quite a few football games but I have never used a ticket service.  On some services the ticket prices seem a little inflated to me.  Especially if you want to get good seats to the game, you can expect to pay a premium for the tickets. San Francisco 49ers Tickets

I have purchased tickets from Craigslist if I am in the vicinity of the event.  That way I can pick the tickets up myself.  Craigslist offers very good ticket prices if you get lucky as people get tickets from their corporate purchase and sell the at or below face value. Texas Longhorns Tickets

Another option is to buy tickets from a scalper at the game.  If you take this option be aware that prices drop as it gets closer to kickoff.  I have purchased tickets from scalpers at well below face value using this technique.  Washington Redskins Tickets

Maybe the next time I make a trip to St. Louis looking for Rams tickets I will give a ticket service a try.  I only get to go once a year so maybe the extra money is not that big a deal for great seats.

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