HeatMapz: shows realtime which club has the best atmosphere, the coolest sound or the shortest queue.

It’s Friday evening, you want to go out clubbing but you don’t know which club has the best atmosphere, the coolest sound or the shortest queue? Or would you just like to check if one of your Facebook friends is in the same club as you?

That’s what HeatMapz is for. HeatMapz tells you and your friends which club is the place to be.
Live and in real time. Heatmapz follows the path, where venue-calendars can’t catch up. They ‘ll tell you WHAT will be coming up. Heatmapz tells you during the event HOW IT IS to be there!
So stop searching the “perfect” party. It’s in your hands.

Your opinion counts too of course! With three simple slide controls you can tell your friends what the atmosphere or the music are like in the club you are at, and if it is worth to come to the same club at all. Each of your ratings is posted live to your Facebook wall.

And on top of that you might get something for free! The chances are big that you will be able to download a voucher for a free drink with an app designed for that purpose. Or even a free entry. If you have no use for these freebies yourself, you can just pass them on to your friends.

Main features:
- Map with “Hotness” display (music, people, queue)
- Display of your Facebook friends (who is where)
- Goodies (vouchers, free drinks or entries)
- Rate the clubs you are at
- Wall post with pictures of the club

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