HereYouAre 1.1: Now with Push Notification

“HereYouAre” provides its users with an opportunity to exchange their locations using the latest Apple’s Push Notification technology. There is no need to keep an application running, no need to use emails or SMS and open embedded Maps links. With version 1.1 you will be able to attach short text messages, get street addresses and use “Maps” integration. Lite version is also available on the AppStore.

A pin on a map is worth a thousand words. The main function of HereYouAre is to show you that simple location pin, making long explanations excessive. Thanks to GPS-enabled iPhone devices and the latest Push Notifications technology, it’s now possible to introduce a neat and simple way to exchange locations with your friends and peers.

This release of “HereYouAre”, besides all the core location exchange functionality of 1.0 version, contains several shiny new features. Now it’s possible to attach a short text message to your coordinates, it really moves the usability of the application to the next level. When you receive a location from your peer, you can now get his exact street address or go straight to “Maps” application, by tapping a message/street address bubble.

To improve user experience two options are available. First, you can switch on “autoreply” mode for selected peers, in this case, whenever they send you a location request, “HereYouAre” will reply automatically, after you start it with a “Push” message. Second, you can turn on/off your own location depiction on a embeded map.

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