HomeKeeper- Complete Home Maintenance Task app (free promo code)

The first entry in our line of iPhone applications designed to help keep your life organized is up and running– the HomeKeeper iPhone App!!.

It is the flagship of our newest line of apps in the Your Keepers series!!

How many times have you forgotten to change the furnace filter? Or replace the batteries in your smoke detectors? How about caulking around the gaps in your house in fall? Nobody wants the friendly neighborhood mouse taking up residence in their house for the winter. Home Keeper lets you choose from a list of over 100 common household maintenance tasks and add them to your personal home profile.

Make tasks recurring. Add notes to each task to remind you of task specific items, such as your furnace model or the size of blade your lawnmower uses. Have a task that we didn’t include? Create your own custom task. You can even include a picture.

If you’re like me your trip home from the hardware store is spent remembering all of the things you forgot to buy. Home Keeper’s Shop List lets you keep track of items you need to purchase to accomplish your tasks. Need 6 batteries for your smoke detectors? Add them to the list. Fertilizer for the fall weed and feed? Add it to the list.

This is an incredibly useful tool that you must check out!!!

To get Homekeeper, all you need to do is go to the apple website by clicking here.

For screenshots, click here.

Once you have iTunes downloaded,then click on the iTunes Store button on the left panel.

In the iTunes Store, click on the “Search Store” box in the upper right corner of the screen, type in Homekeeper and you’re all set to download the app that will save you both time and money and finally organize your home maintenance tasks once and for all!!

If you already have iTunes downloaded, then click here.

If Homekeeper has made your life a lot easier, we would appreciate it if you would write a review and tell everyone what you think!!

You can also contact us directly with any questions or comments!

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