How clever is your child? Educational iPhone ebook ‘The Cleverest Animal’ lets kids enjoy your iPhone like an adult.

Why should children miss out on the fun of iPhones? ‘The Cleverest Animal’ iPhone ebook for kids has been published to let you entertain your children when you only have your iPhone on you.

Written by a father of two young children who had often found himself caught without any means of entertaining his children, he wrote the book and designed it specifically for publishing on the iPhone so that he and other parents alike, would always have access to this book in times of need!

‘I have often been out and about and had nothing to entertain my children with,’ said the author, ‘but I realised that they loved playing with my phone. They loved swiping their fingers across the screen and I thought that an ebook written just for them would be a great way to educate and entertain them on the tube or whilst shopping.’

Road-tested successfully on real kids who demanded multiple readings, what will your little ones guess when you ask them “which is the cleverest animal in the world?”?  Will they be surprised at the answer revealed in this entertaining book?  Download ‘The Cleverest Animal’ from the app store and find out.

The Cleverest Animal is amusingly illustrated and is available now to download from the App Store at

The publishers hope your children will enjoy the book as much as their children do, and that next time you are desperately wondering how to entertain your child with only your iPhone to hand, you will reach for this book!

Download from App Store:

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