How to find a job with your iPhone

Unemployment is tough.  I have been there before and it is a difficult thing to go through.  So I thought I would research some iPhone Apps that might help you find a job or locate a new job.  Listed below are apps that will help you find a job, organise your job search, prepare your resume, and prepare you for the interview.

The key to finding a job is not to give up.  Finding a job in a down market is one of the most difficult things to do, but if you keep your eyes on the prize, send out lots of resumes, and network, you will find a position.

Best of luck in your job search, if you know of apps that we missed please leave a note in the comments for the benefit of others.

Free Job Search Apps

Indeed (free)
Search for jobs on Indeed and email listings to yourself or someone else. Recent searches are remembered and the list shows the new jobs added since your last search.

LinkedIn (free)
If you are not a member of LinkedIn it is time to sign up.  Most job leads will come from people you have worked with in the past.  Time to call in some favors and see if former co-workers can point your job search in the right direction.  LinkedIn allows users to take their professional network with them wherever they go. Users can have immediate access to their contacts and important updates such as when someone in their network posts a lead for a new open position.

LinkUp (free)
The LinkUp Job Search Engine app lets users search for jobs on company web sites by keyword, location, company, and category. You can save jobs to your Favorites and access them via browser or feedreader. Searches can be saved and you can apply to jobs through your iPhone and/or email job openings to yourself or a friend.

Real-Time Jobs (free)
The Real-Time Jobs app, from TwitterJobSearch, allows users to find an apply for jobs with a single tap. Job seekers can attach an online CV or resume, a social media profile, and/or a video CV to job offers that have been posted to Twitter with a single click. (free)
I have used the web site and it offers a nice pool of jobs to select from, now you can search on your iPhone.  The iPhone app offers a way to search through the network of jobs available on Users are able to search and view jobs by keywords, salaries, and descriptions which can be emailed to contacts. Users also have the ability of searching for jobs via the iPhone GPS capability and view jobs in the area they are currently in. Googlemap provides a map of the city that the job is located in.

Manage your Job Search

Good Job (1.99)
Knowing who you talked to and when can get very confusing while searching for a job.  This app will help you organise your job search.  Good Job enables users to manage job search activities like tasks, events, follow ups and interviews. You can save an unlimited number of jobs and contacts and you can save your login information for some job and company sites.


CareerBliss (Free)
It is important to research potential employers before going to the interview.  The more you know about a company the better prepared you will be to talk to them.  Powered by, this app contains helpful information on company reviews, salaries, job searching, interview tips, and more from current and former employees.

Resume Preperation

Resume App (2.99)
Vurgood Applications has created a simple way to quickly build, preview, and send a professional-looking PDF resume without hiring a professional or spending vast amounts of time formatting a document of your own! This application provides “on-the-go” ability to quickly generate (from scratch) and send out a resume from your iPhone! In this declining market/economy, it is crucial to be able to do this in order to get out your qualifications to companies ASAP.

Resume PRO ($2.99)
Create a PDF resume on your phone with Resume PRO by inputting personal and professional information. You can preview your resume and email as a PDF to yourself or someone else. There’s also a generic cover letter you can include when you send your resume.

BeamME CV and Resume Sender ($5.99)
With this app you can have a business card and professional résumé ready at all times. Upload your Résumé and create your own vCard using the app and beamME CV will let you easily send them to any phone number (including non-smartphones), or e-mail address.


Interview Pro ($1.99)
This app will help in prepping for that next interview.  You can search by skills, review related questions, and areas to focus on.  There are several free and fee apps for interviews – a handful are free – but you get what you pay for.  This app also has the highest ratings from users in comparison.

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