How to send private messages and photos with your iPhone: SafeText

If you need to send encrypted images or secureĀ messages with your iPhone, you may want to check out SafeText. SafeText keeps your messages and images in the hands of the people you send it to. Free promo codes for SafeText for the first 5 responders.

Hidden Cow LLC, founded in early 2010, is introducing their first product, the iPhone application SafeText. SafeText was released on July 30th for purchase in the US. It is currently supported on iPhones only, but Hidden Cow plans to support additional platforms in the future.

SafeText sends photos and text messages that can’t be shown again and again so they won’t end up in unwanted hands. You can protect your photo messages even more by smudging out an area of your photo before sending it and SafeText protects your photos from screen capture by scrambling the image while it displays.

SafeText differentiates itself from competitors by offering a secure registration process and advance features for sending photos. By offering the ability to take and edit photos within the application, SafeText offers the next level of flexibility in secure message sending.

Features include:
- ONE TIME MESSAGE VIEWING: Photo & text are deleted when exiting the application

- PHOTO EDITING: Smudge out areas of your photo you want disguised

- SCREEN CAPTURE SAFE: Photos are scrambled when a screen capture is taken

- FREE MESSAGING: Send free photo and text messages between iPhones

- ALERTS: Push notifications alert you when a message is waiting for you

iTunes Store:
SafeText Website:
Current Price: $0.99/yr

If you get a code please leave a comment for the developers with your thoughts on the app.

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