HowDo – Kids Educational Game for iPhone/iPad

How do {stunning|beautiful} rainbows appear in the sky? How do they make this yummy ice cream that we {adore|love} so {a lot|much}?

Your {kids|children} are asking you questions about themselves and the world %u2013 and with HowDo you can give them some answers. But HowDo is not only instructive, it also {enjoyable|fun}! HowDo will take your child {via|through} a multimedia {encounter|experience} with {much more|more} than 300 HD {high quality|quality} photo images and complementary sounds to an adventure of discovery.

The game focuses on six aspects of the familiar world and its processes: Nature %u2013 for example how do flowers grow? Man {Created|Made} {Goods|Products} %u2013 how is a chair manufactured? Animals %u2013 how does a {small|little} puppy {turn out to be|become} a dog? Journeys %u2013 how do climbers climb a mountain? Fixing %u2013 how does a {physician|doctor} {assist|help} us when we are ill? Development %u2013 how do babys make their {initial|first} {actions|steps}? {Each and every|Every} aspect tells nine stories, {every|each} {via|through} four to nine {photos|pictures} accompanied by sounds.

HowDo is {simple|easy} to play. As soon as it loads, your child can chose a story from a screen full of {fascinating|interesting} stories, and then move forward by taping anywhere on the screen. You can let your {kids|children} play the game by themselves. You can also use HowDo as a {fantastic|great} {chance|opportunity} to {invest|spend} {high quality|quality} time of tutoring and {enjoyable|fun} with your child.

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