HTML Writer for iPhone

HTML Writer is the best way to design web pages or fix pages your in charge of on the go. Built in FTP features allow you to download any html page you have up on your server.

The editing view will let you display the HTML with or without line numbers, word wrap, and/or basic color syntax highlighting. There are 2 scrolling toolbars across the top with buttons to insert commonly used pieces of code or characters that aren’t available on the first keyboard that shows when you begin editing. The very top toolbar can even be customized with your own set of tags or code snippets. Once you have finished your editing and saved your changes you can upload your page right back to the server you downloaded it from.

You can of course preview all your work before uploading. The preview page can even execute most JavaScript’s. The file management area will allow you to create folders, rename files, move files, delete files or folders, and view many different file types. The editor can open and edit just about any text based code file. There is even a built in mini web browser that will allow you to find a web page and download the source code of that page to use as reference, or as a basis for your own new web page. Included with the app are a couple of examples if you are having trouble as well ass several jpeg files that will show you and give a brief description of how to use some of HTML Writer’s features. HTML Writer costs $2.99 and is available on the iTunes App Store now.

Here are some promo codes for HTML Writer:

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