Humble Gaming Launches Aliens Need Brains for iPhone 4 Exclusively

Asian based Games and Applications developer Humble Gaming has just released Aliens Need Brains (US$ 1.99) on the App Store. The game has been designed specifically for iPhone 4 users; thus taking advantage of the widely publicized Gyroscope functionality and making it the first Asian company to reach this milestone. The retina display also offers crisp resolution, making the game engaging and addictive.

The world is being attacked by different kinds of Aliens (6 types) and the user operates as the last line of defense, with the location being Central Park. The aliens are here to steal human brains. With the use of an array (7 types) of cool weapons like “Can Launchers” and “Wave Cannons”, blowing up aliens on an iPhone 4 is a very cool experience.

With unlimited/no ending game modes, the user can continue to receive aliens in waves and use multiple weapons to destroy them. Open Feint leaderboards maintain high scores and unlock achievements as the game progresses.

Aliens Need Brains has three difficulty levels making it a game for hard core gamers and beginners. The use of the “in game currency” allows users to buy or refill their arsenal of weapons.

“We are very excited about the iPhone 4 and it has allowed us to unleash our strongest 3D Graphics enhanced and most content and experience driven game to date. The Gyroscope just brings more realism to a fantasy situation, allowing the user to move right left up and down, making the game multi-dimensional in graphics and game play whilst the retina display enhances the 3D graphics. An absolute joy to the eyes” said Prakash Bharwani, Communications Director for Humble Gaming.

Humble Gaming has committed to an update in a few weeks that will enhance the game play even further.

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Prakash Bharwani
Director of Communications
Humble Gaming Limited

Hong Kong

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