I FACE LIFTING and I FACE YOGA: health and fitness apps for iPhone

I FACE LIFTING and I FACE YOGA are the first revolutionary applications that model the face and eliminate wrinkles in just one touch. Ranking first and second in the Staff Recomendation app store – Health and Fitness section.

Created by Rosa Chiara Scaglione I Face Lifting and I Face Yoga are the first video programs for mobile technology. Extremely effective, they rejuvenate and lift the face in a total natural way by working its muscles structure.

I Face Lifting and I Face Yoga are for men and women of all ages. If used just few minutes a day they smoothen face and neck wrinkles, fill lips, cheeks and cheekbones, relieve dark circles, lift eyelids and eliminate double chin. All in just one touch.

I Face Lifting has two programs. One sculpts all the face area. The other one meets individual needs via a personalized interactive program to work specific areas of interest.

I Face Yoga also models homogeneously the face with all the added benefits of a yoga workout. The applications can be integrated for extra advantages.

Both applications have elegant revisited retro graphics, which synthesize their philosophy. I Face Lifting and I Face Yoga aim at creating a valid, effective and economic alternative to the extended use of plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine, bringing a natural Lifting, Filling and Stretching of the face.

Exercises can also be used as support for muscle rehabilitation, or to reduce minor asymmetries.

I Face Time. Do You?

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