iAlmanack: the free application to know the most important events of the day

iAlmanack FREE on App Store

Release 1.0 of iAlmanack (my first application developed for iPhone) is today, June 12 2010, available for FREE download on Apple App Store.

As the name implies, the application is a real almanac, always available and searchable, just a click away on our iPhone and iPod touch. Both the user interface that informations are available and accessible in italian and english.

You can see all data on the days you want (eg 19 January, or today’s date). So you have an infinite amount of information and curiosity about events, holidays, anniversaries, deceased persons and persons born… thanks to wikipedia!

App’s description and its functions

This is the main window the user sees when the application is launched. This screen lists the features that the app provides.

As you can see from the image, iAlmanack gives you a list of events, festivals, people born and people died on the selected day, taking all the displayed information from wikipedia.

  • Events: Lists and shows what happened (facts and major events) on this day;
  • Births: All born people on the selected day;
  • Deaths: All dead people on the selected day;
  • Holidays & Occasions: saints, holidays and observances that fall on the day;

First there is a list with all the events (as seen in the pictures above); but also it allows you to see in detail every single event. In the case of “Events” or “Holidays & Occasion”, the event appears in its entirety, even including the html links, allowing the consultation through the pages of wikipedia.

Instead if you click on the single person born or died on this day, it redirect you to the person’s wikipedia page.

Besides this, iAlmanack calculates and notifies you of that name-days are celebrated on this day. Through this feature, it compares the saints of the day with your contacts, it gives you a report, and it allows you to contact the person to make him the best wishes of good name day with text messages, email…

Even though for now the functionality is limited, the amount of information per day is huge, and this allows the consultation day is always different and full of curiosity.

In the next releases…

New features are already in the pipeline … so stay tuned!

  • Human interface improvements;
  • Integration with Facebook;
  • Consultation of events, births, deaths … even for a years (eg 2009);

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