iAlmanack+, the world events at your tap!

With iAlmanack+ you can know all events and most important facts of the day, for each day and each year that you want. All data are taken from Wikipedia, thanks to which we have an infinite amount of events in constant update!

Want to be informed daily on the facts and events that marked that particular day? Are you find out about events that will happen in the world?

iAlmanack+ iTunes

Want to know when your born actor, singer (celebrity) preferred? Want to find out who your contacts celebrates the name day, and offer him the best wishes for not doing a bad impression?

These and other questions you can answer through iAlmanack+, the application that will transform your iPhone and iPod touch into a pocket almanac. Available in the App Store for only 0.99 $!!! All available information is automatically collected from Wikipedia, which makes available hundreds between events, births, deaths and many other data which you can see every day. Furthermore, the application will always be constantly updated with new events, thanks to the large community of Wikipedia!

You can consult a day or a year: Since 2029 BC until to 2029 A.D. for the years, while for the days you can see all the calendar, including February 29 in leap years.


There are very much facts to consult for each date. Among these you can find historical facts, past events, current and future. It is also possible to discover birthdays and deathdays of famous and historical people. You can also learn the great men who have won Nobel Prizes, which were of great help to humanity. And finally, just like a real almanac, you can discover the saints of the day, and the occurrences. But it’s not all… in fact the application offers an additional function. iAlmanack+ compares the saints of the day with your contacts, it informs you of those who celebrate the name day and it gives you the opportunity to contact them to give him the best wishes!

In addition to the classic almanac function, it also offers other tools for better consultation, management and sharing what you are reading:
There is an important event that you want remember? Whatever is it, iAlmanack+ helps you to remember him. Therefore, it allows you to save a favorites list, which you can view and manage whenever and how you want. If this is not enough to remember the event, iAlmanack+ lets you save it on the iPhone’s calendar, so it remember the fact for you.

There is a celebrities’s birthday that you want to discover? Just use the search tool and write her name. In few time it will show you the date!

Favorites Search

You have found a special event that you want let to know it to your friends? Nothing could be simpler… Through a screen you can review the event, add a comment and then share it with your friends on facebook!

iAlmanack+ is a simple application, but the amount of data is potentially infinite. It’s ideal for those fans of dates and recurrences. All curious people should have it!

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