iAmHunted – Multiplayer Location Based Zombie Survival Game

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comiAmHunted is a game where multiple players come together to hunt zombies. Watch out though, if a zombie kills you then you’ll come back as one of them out on the hunt for humans.

This game uses your location to find the zombies that are hunting you nearby. This isn’t the kind of world where you can simply hide your way through life as the only way to get weapons, ammo, and healing items is to get them off of the corpse of dead zombies. Make sure to be on the look out for zombie cures too, you never know when they might come in handy. With our massive database of items you can easily find something new to loot with every kill. Our weapons list alone is over a thousand weapons and growing.

As a human you have a large variety of skills to choose from in order to customize your character to your needs. You can spend your leveling points on everything from Attributes such as Strength, Accuracy, and Speed to Skills such as medical, explosives, and varying weapon skills. Always keep an eye on how you want to develop your character as it might be the difference between living and spending eternity as an undead. The goal of any human is to stay alive as long as possible.

As a zombie your unlife’s mission is a little different. All you want to do is catch your next meal and increasing the number of zombies in the world. Death does not mean much to the zombie as they are already dead.

The game will reset itself when all humans have been turned to zombies.

Features of iAmHunted:
Location based hunting (Turn your friends into zombies from close or long range)
Massive item system (Over 1000 Weapons)
Customizable Characters (7 Stats, 16 Weapon Skills, and 3 Miscellaneous Skills)
Expansive Playing Ground (Using the GPS, the world is the battle field)
Leader Board (See how you compare to some of the top players in the game)
Massive Multiplayer (Play with people from all over the world)

Location is Required in order to play this game.

App Name: iAmHunted
Developer: Brandon Andrews
Style: Multiplayer Location Based Zombie Survival Game
URL: iAmHunted iTunes
Price: $1.00

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