iBabylon: iPhone Language Translation @ a Touch (free promo code)

Get your Babylon nowBabylon is proud to present iBabylon – translation @ a touch

Babylon, the world’s leading provider of dictionary and translation software, brings you iBabylon for iPhone and iPod.

iBabylon gives you quick and comprehensive dictionary results in over 75 languages, as well as effective full-text translations between dozens of languages.

Kevin’s notes:  This looks like a cool App, it is currently $12 on the App store but one lucky user gets it for free here.  Only use the code if you have a need for a translating app, you are on the honor system.


  • Translate to Multiple Languages: iBabylon allows you to choose multiple target languages and receive translations in all these languages for every word – simultaneously!
  • Dictionary AND Full-Text Translations: seamlessly switch between ‘Dictionary’ and ‘Text’ modes. In ‘Dictionary’ mode, you get in-depth translations for words and expressions. In ‘Text’ mode, you can easily translate full paragraphs with a single touch.
  • Huge Selection of Glossaries: Gain access to translations from over 1,500 glossaries in 75 languages. iBabylon’s provides translations from various data sources including language dictionaries, reference glossaries, subject-specific glossaries and much more.
  • Choose Between 15 Interface Languages: Whether your native language is English, Russian or Chinese, iBabylon can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences.
  • Pasteboard Integration: To make things a little easier, iBabylon integrates with your device’s clipboard. When the application detects new content in the Pasteboard, it automatically provides a dictionary definition or a text translation for this content.
  • Automatic Language Detection: iBabylon will automatically attempt to detect the language of new text entered for translation.
  • Landscape Support: Seamlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes to maximize screen utilization.
  • Shake to Clear: Shake your iPhone to clear the previous result and enter a new term for translation.
  • Fast and Intuitive: iBabylon starts up in less than 2 seconds, and is immediately ready. Just type the word and hit ‘search’. No need to provide the language – iBabylon will detect it for you.
  • Small footprint: With a footprint of less than 1MB, iBabylon is a breeze to install and takes very little space on your device. No lengthy post-installation steps, no unpacking of space-consuming glossaries – just download and it’s ready to go!

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