iBurps – Classic

Uhhh… is there a support group for people who are inexplicably drawn to iPhone apps that digitize bodily functions? If there is, they should make me their president! iBurps – Classic is another in a long line of disgusting noisemakers that most of the human race regards as crass and obnoxious, but at least this one has a small surprise built into it that makes it more fun than some of the other apps in the genre.

The first thing any belching fan should know about iBurps is that it has a pretty good selection of burps in it… 16 in all, including such gems as Room Shaker, The Alphabet, Excuse Me-eeeee, Wake Up the Kids, and World Record Holder. Even though a lot of them sound kind of similar (it’s belching, after all), some of these gaseous eruptions are actually pretty amazing for their sheer intensity! If Randy Jackson from American Idol were judging the belcher, he’d definitely be saying that was hot baby, yeeeeah dog.

The suprise that NextStream Media put into iBurps is the ability to record your own burp. Truth is you could record pretty much anything you want, but if you’re playing with this app chances are you’re eager to test your, uh, “skillz”, against the app’s resident burping pro. You only get one recording slot, though, so if you capture a big one you’d better be sure your next belch will beat it before hitting Record again.

It’s hard to demand much from apps that burp and fart and puke and all that, but the one thing this app needs to fix is the sound quality. Lack of volume isn’t the issue here… it’s that the belches are so powerful that it sounds like a little bit of distortion got recorded as well. I did turn my iPhone volume down in hopes that would smooth things out, but it didn’t so that’s a fairly clear sign that the recordings themselves need some adjustment.

If the sound quality issue can be addressed, this could possibly be the funniest – and most disgusting – collection of belches ever assembled (a distinction to be proud of if there ever was one!). Even as it is right now, though, there’s still some very inappropriate fun to be had if that’s what you’re into.

I normally put the video before the screenshots, but this one’s just a little bonus to show that anything boys can do, cute teenage tomboy girls can probably do better:

A classic clip from America’s Got (no) Talent

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