iCard 2010: Post your card, post your life

Wondershare released a wonderful photography app for iPhone-iCard 2010. iCard is the fastest and easiest way to create visually stunning electronic postcards for iPhone. Now it’s available on the App Store.

1. Features
(1) Beautiful templates
Beautiful templates are offered for you to choose, browse through the photo template gallery and pick one you like.

(2)Choose a photo to edit
Select a photo from your library or take a new photo with your iPhone’s camera, even insert a google map shot of your current location or other places.

(3) Write down your best wishes
Do you have so many words to say to your family members or friends who are not with you now?
Just write down your words and wishes! Fonts, sizes, colors are upon your choice to make your card more brilliant, you can also add a mood to tell your current mood.

(4) Easy to use operations
Align the photo so it fits within the cutout region of the template. Use your fingers to move, rotate and zoom the photo, click the screen three times continuously to reset the photo. It is also    easy to realize the functions of copy, paste and clear.

(5) Three share ways
Share your photos with your friends and family through email, facebook and twitter!

2. Post your wish with iCard

No matter where you are and what you are doing, with several simple steps, you can create amazing postcard with iCard and share it with the world! With you iPhone and iCard, creating professional virtual postcards from your photos is a piece of cake.
Send your best wishes to your family and your close friends with iCard!
Post your card, post your life!
With all the above advantages, it costs you only $0.99 to get this app on App Store. More templates will be released after upgrade.

TO get iCard 2010:

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