iConfigurator: Jaguar vehicle configuration app

Now everyone can configure their favourite iconic Jaguar to their own taste. Available free on iTunes, the iConfigurator showcases the full Jaguar Range, including the new XJ, XK and XF to UK and US market specification. The app also allows users to share their configuration on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as allowing configured vehicles to be saved to the iPhone photo gallery.

With iConfigurator, you can:

  • Choose the Jaguar model you would like to configure – XJ, XK or XF
  • Select the engine, paint, wheels and interior for your Jaguar
  • Review a summary of your configured vehicle
  • Save configured vehicles in your garage
  • Share your Jaguar on social networks or save it to your photo gallery
  • Find your nearest Jaguar dealer
  • View images of the Jaguar model range

The app is free for download on UK iTunes and US iTunes

From Jaguar iConfigurator US
From Jaguar iConfigurator US
From Jaguar iConfigurator US

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