iCurrency Plus – A different currency tracker.

Yet another currency application? We do not think so: this is the first application in the App Store that allows you to get notifications of critical changes in the currency pairs of your choice! Of course you can also track currencies, see changes over a period of time and do price conversions on the spot.

It is very intuitive and extremely user friendly. It works even when there are no networks available, just the latest updated rates will be shown.

Add currency pairs (yes, we hate it too when all currency applications are showing the rates against the USD only).  When adding choose what period of time you want to track, the application will show the change in the rate as well as the latest rate.  Select to receive notification, when the change is greater than an specified percent.  The help pages inside the application explains the whole process easy and intuitively.

Currently supporting more than 50 currencies.  Currencies can be added on the fly without needing to upgrade the app, just tell us what else you need!

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