iDaTank: The 3D-Action Game for iPhone and iPad

iDaTank is a sci-fi 3D action game about the adventures of a tiny amusing robot.
Our Hero has the scout mission far from home, in the Deep Space asteroid belts, filled with
armies of evil Aliens. He is lonely, but with Your help he can make the way through all obstacles!

The Hero will meet:
- 5 zones (asteroid belts)
- 26 levels
- More than 20 various types of enemies

… and will be helped by:
- 51 perks and modifications
- Up to 4 upgradable weapons

The game is free of on-screen controllers and You don’t need to spam the fire button during battles.
The rounded levels are free of borders and it’s not important where top and where a bottom.

Game trailer:

Game screenshots:

iDaTank on the App Store:

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