iDayZ is built to do one thing: use your Contacts list to give you sortable views of birthdays and anniversaries. I know, the built-in iPhone Calendar can do more or less the same thing, but to make that happen you would have to set reminders for each individual date and that takes effort.

With that said, it seems to me that iDayZ is meant to appeal to the lazy bastard in all of us. In a perfect world where people fill in contact information thoroughly, field by field, this app would work perfectly right out of the box for most users. It reads your contacts and imports anything with a date attached to it, which is what it’s supposed to do.

The big problem here (for me, anyway) is that I don’t live in a perfect world… I live in a world where a lot of my contacts have only first names and I have no idea when these people were born because I’m an inconsiderate prick who never bothers to ask about birthdays. Now I realize that dates have to be filled in and that’s not iDayZ’s problem, but a major point of contention for me is that iDayZ shows “(null)” instead of the first name when the last name is left blank. SO… if I want my mom’s birthday to say something other than (null) next to the date, I have to put in a first and last name. “Mom” just won’t cut it.

Another thing that’s glaringly absent is any kind of reminder system. Yeah yeah, I can do that with iPhone’s calendar. But I want iDayZ to remind me! I am a lazy bastard, after all. Even if the reminder is as basic as an icon badge to remind you that (x) important dates are looming, it would go a long way toward serving its purpose of preventing you from forgetting.

Despite these flaws iDayZ does provide some nice details on each date such as telling you what star sign and birthstone match the birthday or what traditional material matches the anniversary. It also lets you view upcoming dates by chronological order, by age, by type, and by name. Hitting the “celebrate” icon in the detail view of any date also provides links to “buy a gift” or “send a card” but those just open pages on so they’re nothing to get too excited about.

I think Tannic has put together the foundation for a potentially great app here. If iDayZ would fix the (null) bug on one-name contacts and provide some way for the app to remind me of important dates, I think it would be totally worth $.99 or maybe even $2-$3 if they go all out on the bells & whistles. Right now, my feeling is that it’s just kind of… ehhh. It’s not great, but it’s ok.

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