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Idea Generator is pretty funny. If you were paying attention during the dotcom boom about 8-10 years ago, you might remember The Bullshit Generator which would spit out enterprisey-sounding boardroom nonsense with the click of a button. Idea Generator plays off the same concept but applies a much different vocabulary that’s geared towards coming up with “creative” business ideas.

The Directors Bureau Special Projects took the time to create a fancy three-dial interface that you can spin randomly dial-by-dial with finger swipes or all at once by pushing the button with the arrows on it. You also get to customize the word lists to suit whatever area you need inspiration for. If inventing a new product or service isn’t your thing, just edit the word list or put in a whole new set if you’re truly motivated.

Each individual dial can also be locked if you want certain words to stay put, but if there’s one thing I wish was easier it would be setting the dials to specific words. As it is right now, if you want a word… let’s say… umm… “SEX TOY”… to be on the right-side dial, you have to keep spinning it randomly until it appears. This isn’t too convenient so hopefully it will be addressed in a future update.

That’s really my only complaint about Idea Generator which, overall, is a fun toy to have around. It’s only $.99 and even though it may not be truly useful in a practical sense it definitely has the potential to get some laughs around the office.

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